GlobalGroupEleven LTD. is an enterprise managing the careers of professional footballers and has developed in the recent years to a strong partner in the football industry. It was founded in 2014 and currently has offices and partners in Tallinn, Moscow, Cologne, Vienna, Rome, Accra and Yaoundé.

Since the beginning, the GlobalGroupEleven team has prided itself on providing a unique, personalised service, tailored specifically to our individual clients needs. This approach has led to solid and immaculate reputation as a trusted football consultancy.

We have competent and trustworthy partners in the fields of marketing, public and media as well as the medical, juridical and financial area.
With our world-class network to decision makers and constant presence in the football market we grew strong relationships with club and association representatives.

The discovery and promotion of young talents is also one of our main targets, providing them with a careful and systematic career planning.

Our company is lead by Christian Schulte and Dmitry Vinokurov who are representing several players, providing them with a thorough, meticulous and professional service.

The extensive network provides maximum opportunity for our clients’ movement and onward careers. The success is based on evaluating and making use of all necessary information. Therefore we continue to grow in stature as the client base expands annually.

GlobalGroupEleven relies on a close network of partners, friends and advisers. This positive working environment is made possible by the way our team is set up and functions.

Our Team

Christian Schulte

Christian Schulte has many years of experience as an entrepreneur in the sports and event field. He helds a master in Politics and Sportsmanagement. His extensive amount of contacts in the football scene, marketing sector and the open economy are extremely valuable assets to the clients working with GlobalGroupEleven. Mr Schulte is fluently communicating in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian and Estonian language.

Dmitry Vinokurov

His experience in the business, fantastic contacts to clubs and federations of various countries makes Dmitry Vinokurov an important member of our team.  Analytical skills and also the ability to discern talent in young players is his expertise. He has got a master degree in sports management finished at the State University of Management in Moscow. Mr. Vinokurov speaks fluent Russian and English.